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Boris the Badass Horse by tonylefruitbat Boris the Badass Horse by tonylefruitbat
I was not fond of the other design I drew up for him (not the anatomy of the picture or the coloring or the tattoo markings) so I revised a few things. And I'm actually really really proud of this.

I PRESENT TO YOU, BORIS! Called one of the finest war cows horses in the elven kingdom, his is owned by and bound to Evelyn Sophronia, now known simply as "Ev". However, they're separated for the majority of the novel as he is kept in the realm of fae while she is banished.

Elves are considered spirits of nature by most if not all other types of fae, and it's due in no small part to their affinity for animals. If an elf bonds with an animal closely enough, they will bind it to them, and the beast will share their lifespan from that point on. The animal will then wear the symbol of the elf's house (the house of their father is considered their house) somewhere on its body to mark it.

I based Boris off of a Shire Horse. The breed seemed really fitting for him as they're ENORMOUS (stallions like Boris stand at at least 17 hands at the shoulders, which is 68 inches or 5'8" roundabouts) and fluffy and after playing Ev on Skyrim I can't see her on a horse that isn't completely huge compared to her. She's 6' regularly and 5' for the majority of the book. Boris is this big, protective animal and he guards her with his life. He dislikes almost anyone that isn't her, and he's the only thing in the world Ev will allow to "protect" her.

But yeah. Just a doodle to get a good concept for him.

Art, info n' stuff (C) me except the info about Shire Horse height I nabbed that from Wikipedia
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January 12, 2013
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